I'm Clint Milner.
Web Developer.

Clint Milner - Web Developer

About Me

I am a US born, UK based Web Developer specializing in building Front End functionality for web sites and applications. I have worked in this field since 2008 and built web sites for light, medium, and heavy traffic sites, as well as greenfield software solutions.

My past experience has included working on small teams that have grown into large ones, as well as working independently on employer projects and freelance client work.

Currently, I am a Senior UI Developer for a global tech company migrating a legacy management console to a single-page application using TypeScript, React, and GraphQL.

Prior to my current role, I was the Head of Software Development managing a small team of software developers building products in the Network Security space. I was 100% hands-on, and was responsible for 100% of the Front End code, but also had responsibilities in both the Full Stack, and Management worlds.

"Learning is a Sisyphean Exercise."

- Me

About My Site

Ideas & concepts were first sketched on paper, but most of the designing took place in the browser; experimenting with ideas, colors, and imagery. Once HTML and CSS was written, I transferred assets to an installation of Gatsby.js. HTML was converted to React.js components, and CSS was optimized with Sass.

Gatsby transpiles & converts all the React Components & JSX, ES6/ES7, and Sass into static assets which are then deployed to a server.

Media assets are being served by Cloudinary.com which offer a great on-the-fly optimization service for images and video.

The site is hosted at Netlify.com which has Continuous Integration built in every time code is committed to the GitHub repository.